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Barony FAQ

Q: Where can I find your privacy policy?

You can find the latest version of our privacy policy by following this link.

Q: I would like a free/discounted copy of your game for review or other purposes, would you consider giving me one or several?

A: We receive reviews and other kinds of exposure already from people who have paid for legitimate copies of the game. Please do not send us requests like this, they will be ignored.

Q: What's your policy on creating/sharing monetized gameplay videos on sites like YouTube?

You can create Let's Plays and other gameplay videos and monetize them however you want. We don't own your video content.

Q: When I try to play Barony, I just get a message box with some critical error nonsense! What should I do?

A: Check your install directory for a file called log.txt, open it, and read it. Often times there will be an obvious clue as to why the game failed to load, and a common solution is to simply update your video drivers and try again. Otherwise, please send us an email and we will try to help you with your problem. Thank you!

Q: I've found a bug in the game, where should I report it?

A. We maintain an official Bugtracker for the game on GitHub. We'd be happy if you used that instead of just shooting us an email since those tend to get lost over time, whereas filing a bug report on the tracker will allow us to keep track of it forever.

Q: I see on your website that Barony is now open source! Does that mean the whole game is free to download and share with others?

A: No, the original game assets (models, sounds, music, art, etc.) are NOT free to share with others as they are still under copyright. Only the source code is free, so you can make game mods and share them with others, but you cannot download the entire original game for free.

Q: This game is hard, is it actually winnable? Is it just based on luck?

A: Yes, it is winnable, and no, your ability to win is not luck-based. At its core, Barony is about risk management, and with more experience you will be better able to gauge risks and make safer choices to survive.

Q: Can you include an easy mode in the game?

A: There are numerous customization options and cheat codes you can use to reduce the difficulty yourself, if you wish.

Q: Would you please add this favorite new feature of mine? I promise it's cool.

A: We believe you, but we're working on other stuff right now, so we probably don't have the time. Sorry. You can probably add it yourself or convince others to do so on one of our many discussion boards.

Q: Are there any new updates coming in the future?

A: Perhaps.

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